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What is a Capias?

A capias or bench warrant is issued when a person who has been ordered by the court to appear, fails to appear as directed. When a warrant of this type has been issued, the individual may be arrested immediately if police learn of their identity on the street.


I have been charged with Domestic Violence what does that mean?

In Ohio, Domestic Violence occurs when violence or the threat of violence occurs between members of the same household. Charges of this nature are taken very seriously. A defendant may face more than just imprisonment. If a defendant has children, they may lose their right to custody or visitation. Click here to learn more about domestic violence.


If I have been charged with Violation of State Drug Law what does that mean?Drug crimes occupy the majority of the docket in Ohio. Since drug crimes are one of the most common offenses in Ohio, the legislature has created hefty penalties and terms of incarceration for violators of State Drug Law. Violation of State Drug Law includes but is not limited to drug possession, drug manufacturing, and trafficking. Click here to learn more about violation of state drug law.


I received a certified letter saying I have been charged with a Federal offense, what does that mean?


There are particular circumstances where a defendant may be investigated by the FBI, ICE, DEA, ATF, or other federal agency. Typically these investigations lead to federal charges, that have serious consequences. Click here to learn more about federal offenses.


My Indictment has the charge Forgery, what does that mean?


Forgery occurs when someone alters, creates, or uses false documents. Forged documents usually include personal checks, identification cards, driver's licenses, financial documents, and credit cards. Click here to learn more about Forgery.


My Indictment has the charge Fraud, what does that mean?


Fraud occurs when someone intentionally deceives another person or institution with the purpose to unlawfully obtain property, goods, or services. Fraud can include but is no limited to Bank Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Check Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Mortgage & Real Estate Fraud, and Securities Fraud. Click here to learn more about Fraud.


Is Juvenile Court the same as the Court of Common Pleas?


The Juvenile Court was created because minors are subject to a different legal system than adults. The juvenile criminal system is a completely separate system from the criminal system that governs adults. Click here to learn more about Juvenile Crimes.


My Probation Officer says I violated the terms of my probation, what now?


Many defendants are given a second chance to correct their past criminal behavior through sentences that include probation. However when the defendant fails to correct this behavior and breaks the law again, they are considered a probation violator. Click here to learn more about Probation Violations.

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